Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My 1st blog as a 2x Breast Cancer patient

Today is the 1st time writing on my blog. Everyone thinks that it is a great thing for me to do since this is my 2nd time fighting this disease.
There are never any real answers as to "why?" but what I hear a lot of is "you are a fighter, you are going to get through this again".
The 1st time there was a lot of "why me?" "what did I do to get this?"
2nd time no one has any answers.
I am having a double mastectomy sometime in April ,because this is the 2nd time being diagnosed under the age of 50.
 Drs have not scheduled a surgery date yet so for now I am just keeping busy trying to get ready for our move to a new apartment and spending as much time with my husband Christopher, my granddaughter Makayla, and the rest of my family as I can before going into hospital.
Maybe this is a good idea to write down my thoughts since they have really been keeping me from going to sleep at night. Haven't even started any treatments and I am so tired all of the time, mentally and physically.
Going to try and sleep now.
Peace and Love to all

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